Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New cottage!

Yes, we are in our new cottage.  Is everything nicely tucked away in closets and the lovely built-ins that came with the house?  No.   
But we are getting there.  I have walls that are begging for new paint, carpets that may be removed (to reveal the hardwoods underneath), and windows that are screaming to be cleaned, but we are here.  Whew!
No interior photos yet.
However, here is a shot of the outside of the house.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

We are on the move!

We sold our little cottage!

 Golly whiz!  I do not remember that moving was so physically exhausting!

  Of course, when we moved into the cottage, almost six years ago, we had our 20-something son helping us.  This time we are on our own with the packing and loading of everything but the large pieces. 
But today, FINALLY, we left an empty house.  

We have not closed on the house we are moving into yet. 
 So for a few weeks, we are technically homeless!
Thank the Lord for my sweet mama who is graciously allowing us to stay with her 
and use her house as a storage facility. 
 Not mention the three officical storage units we have rented.  
Too much stuff!

Oh, and this move did not occur without a slight mishap.
Remember this lovely view?

Well, it is no more.

When we have official word that the new house is ours, 
I will introduce you to the NEW cottage.  

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Big changes in the works!

Yep, huge.  More later...

Monday, July 1, 2013

Living Room Updates

I have been working on updating the colors in our living room/dining nook.  Over the winter, I collected a new rug (from, curtain panels, and fabric to recover the sofa and chairs.
Really liking the new look:

I bought three of these curtain panels on clearance from Hobby Lobby.  
Two of them were hung at the front windows.  
The third panel I fashioned into this window topper for the dining nook.

I found great deals on the fabric for the sofa and chairs. 
 $2.09/yard for the sofa and $2.69/yard for the chairs. 

I bought this "M" made out of salvaged corrugated metal on our 30th anniversary trip.  
The grapevine wreath was formed from our grapevines in the backyard.

 I'm considering painting the coffee table.
Yay or nay?
And what color?

Just a reminder of the way it was before,

Oh, and my old rug is for sale.  $100.  You pick it up.  :)